Minecraft Bedroom

May 3, 2017

Just finished giving my son’s bedroom a Minecraft makeover with the help of Wilson Graphics. He is a very happy boy!

Jurassic President Prints – Jude Buffum

September 9, 2016

I’ve been working on a 8-bit style illustration project and during my research I came across these brilliant Jurassic President prints by Jude Buffum. The description on Jude’s site says “Welcome folks to another episode of Jurassic President, the reality combat game show of the FUTURE, pitting contestants from the PAST, in a battle for…

Playmobil versions of famous paintings

December 1, 2015

I love these Playmobil recreations of well-known works of art by French artist Pierre-Adrien Sollier. He has recreated works by Da Vinci, Delacroix and Hopper plus many others. The resulting paintings are really fun but their superb execution means they remain instantly recognisable. The full collection can be viewed on his website here: Sollier Gallery