The Post-It Monsters of John Kenn Mortensen

October 13, 2018

I recently accidentally stumbled upon (and fell in love with) the Post-It Monsters of John Kenn Mortensen. John is a Danish artist who lives and works in Copenhagen. During the day he writes and directs television shows for kids. At night he unwinds by drawing, on Post-It notes, amazing (and extremely unsettling) scenes of monsters…

Stabilio’s ‘Highlight the Remarkable’ Campaign

July 6, 2018

The creative community on social media has been highlighting the brilliance of Stabilio’s ‘Highlight the Remarkable’ advertising campaign for their Stabilio Boss Highlighter. The campaign turns the spotlight on ‘invisible’ women who have changed the course of history, including Edith Wilson, a former US First Lady who took over her husband’s presidential duties after he…

World Book Day 2018

March 15, 2018

My son Lex went to school dressed as Frodo Baggins for World Book Day 2018. His teacher asked him to look miserable, took his photo and photoshopped him into a Mount Doom background – genius!

“V” HS Project – Philip Ob Rey

March 13, 2018

For his “V” HS Project, Iceland based French multimedia artist Philip Ob Rey creates ghostly figures, made entirely of recycled VHS tapes and photographs them in the frozen landscapes of Iceland. See more of his work here:

Good Luck Kila!

March 13, 2018

My amazing niece Kila, who was born with Spina Bifida, goes into hospital for a knee operation today in Ireland, the latest in a long line of operations. She takes it all in her stride though and never stops smiling. I threw this picture together to cheer her up while she was waiting to go…

CelloGraff Forest Animals – Evgeny Ches

January 15, 2018

Moscow-based graffiti artist Evgeny Ches creates life-like wild animals in the forest by stretching cellophane between two trees, and then spray painting his murals onto the surface of the transparent film. The life-size wild animals, including a dinosaur, polar bear and monkey appear to be living among the forest trees. Check out his website to…

Simon Stålenhag Artwork

July 11, 2017

I recently discovered the artwork of Simon Stålenhag, a swedish sci-fi artist and I am blown away by his paintings. I love the combination of retro/nostalgic real world settings with advanced alien technology. I believe in his Kickstarter funded art books there are additional notes and world-building but I love viewing the artwork without these…